David S Mellen

Selected Exhibitions:


       2017                          Van der Plas Gallery  New York, New York

                                                   All Art +


       2014                           Bosi Contemporary  New York, New York

                                                   The Loss of So Many Solo Exhibition


       2013                           Haworth Showroom  New York, New York

                                                   Abstracted Space


       2010                           The Aldyn  New York, New York

                                                   American Fashion: Designers at the Aldyn


                                          Kipton Art Access  Soho, New York

                                                    Urban Utopia


       2009                           BOFFO  Brooklyn, New York

                                                    Objective Affection


       2008                           Frey Norris Gallery  San Francisco, California

                                                    Summer Group Exhibition


       2007                           Frey Norris Gallery  San Francisco, California

                                                    Summer Group Exhibition


       2006                           Frey Norris Gallery  San Francisco, California

                                                    Two Paintings with Sculpture


2005                          AAF  New York, New York

                                            Art Fair


                                          Frey Norris Gallery  San Francisco, California

                                                    Five Sculptures


        2000                           APT Gallery  London, England

                                                    Terre a Terre                 

Exchange exhibition sponsored by the British Council and

Ministere de la Communaute française.


1999                           Kursaal Exhibition Center  Oostende, Belgium

Easter in Oostende- Salon Actuele Kunst

International art fair.


1997                           Abel Joseph Gallery  Brussels, Belgium

                                                    Breath I Dry Up


1996                           Abel Joseph Gallery  Brussels, Belgium

Displaying Slight Impurities


1995                          Centre de Cheques Postaux XV  Paris, France

Cinq Artistes


1992                          Abel Joseph Gallery  Chicago, Illinois

        Fresh Show



1988-1990                  American Academy of Art  Chicago, IL